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About Us

nature lovers

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

Connecting You With Nature

at Jalini Nature safaris, we provide sustainable safari tour services around east Africa. We strive to bring out the exploration and adventure spirit out of every nature enthusiastic person. We provide Safaris tours from mid range to high classic camps and luxury lodges through the entire east Africa. we develop ideal safaris since our itineraries  are well researched and combines Africa’s most unique locations with our own nature adventure flair. Our dedicated tour guides are sourced from the locals with great experience and knowledge to add that last depth of great adventure.

we love nature

We cherish safaris in the wild tuning to nature sounds around leaving behind only footprints of memories. One of the sounds we are delighted to listen is the sound of the flying creatures singing and twittering as though they are making a tune combined with the light breeze descending through the trees, waving their leaves. The magic of this nature sounds brings down with it tranquil that you can’t get anywhere else.

it is a gift

The prominence of a mountain, the expanse of the sea the unfolding of the life of a flower and many other amazing aspects that nature have endowed to us are all gifts that we strive on protecting and conserving by practicing sustainability in all aspects of the tourism industry. we have participated in many environment friendly activities that range from mitigation, restoration, rehabilitation, and conservation of the environment.


“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere” Vincent Van Gogh